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We strive to make sure your information is not made public if you do not want it to be.

How to remove your information

The easiest way is to search for your details. Search by name, house address or email address. If a result is found, click the orange button "get my stuff off the web". This will take you to a application removal form. From there just click the red "Remove Profile" button. Feel free to add a comment if we can help you in anyway. Once you have submitted the request your details will immediately be removed from the site. Please allow several days for search engines such as google to remove references to your name or details.

Sometimes you cannot easily find your details but you know it is on the site. In this case, if you still feel the information is there, you can email us directly at publicemailrecords.com@gmail.com to have your details removed from the site. Please include your name and either email or address (or both) to help us find the appropriate information for removal. We will inform you when this data has been found and removed.

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